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I uploaded the csv file which includes lat and long columns. The in the advanced tab I choose the lat nad long fields and create a new geo_point. The data is like "geo": "37.8357,26.7728", . When I want to add the index to Kibana map it says "No results found.". But if I upload the geojson data in kibana maps I see the points on the map. the data is like "coordinates": [

How can I upload the geo data like in the second?

Check in the inspect tab the query you are doing to your index and be sure that the time filter is correctly set up.

The geo_point type can be expressed as a string (lat/lon), array (lon/lat), object, and WKT format. It's OK to use any of them and they all will work in Elastic Maps.

If the time picker is correct, can you run a normal query on the Dev Tools and show the results? Again, example with Kibana demo dataset.

GET kibana_sample_data_flights/_search
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Thank you very much. İt was all about time filter.

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Classic :smile:

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