Elastic 7.x - how to create coordinate map?

Hello, I had a coordinate map visualization created in ES 6.x - but when I try to create a similar one in ES 7.x (Elastic Cloud) - I can't find the same options.
In particular, I want to create a Coordinate Map with Scaled Circle Markers - with Metric of type "count" and Buckets as Geo coordinates - which show circles with the sizes proportional to the number of events in that coordinate ....
How can I do the same in ES7?

thank you

Hey @ppine7, looks like you should check out Vector Styling in the Maps app

It should be able to handle your use case!

Hi, @devon.thomson ,
thanks for the quick response.
I did look at the Vector styling, however:
the "Size by" option only allows you to pick an actual field in your event, but I need the "count" of the events, like a Metric "count" that was available in ES6.

how can I get the "count" field?

Hi @ppine7. I think when you added the layer you selected a "Documents" layer. You should be using a "Clusters and Grids" layer.

Thanks, @nickpeihl ,
yes, I was using Documents layer.
Once I switched to the "Clusters and grids" - I do see the bubbles with the numbers inside per document counts.

There is not much I can control there though - for example, how can I specify which color I want to use for the bubbles? transparency? whether I want to show the counts inside the bubbles or not?

thank you!

Hi @ppine7.

You can make changes in the Layer Settings. Click on the layer in the legend and select "Edit layer settings" in the context menu. The Layer Style section has advanced options for setting the colors and labels. Here's a screenshot showing example Layer Style settings.

The Opacity for the layer can also be set under Layer Settings.

great, thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!

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