Customize coordinate map legend content


I have created a coordinate map for assets tracking. I have used a unique count aggregation to draw a map with different vehicule's trajectory (which works pretty fine). However, map's legend still shows the counts as shown below :

Capture d’écran de 2020-11-24 12-04-12

So my question : is there a way to customize the map legend content ans show vehicules names instead, for example based on "vehicule_name.keyword"?


Coordinate map does not provide a lot of options for customizing styling and legends. Instead, have you tried using Maps?

With Maps, you have much more control over data and styling. Maps provides a way to show the latest documents per entity. You can then customize the styling to show each document as an icon and even rotate the icon if your data contains a heading.

Hi Nathan,
Thank's for your response.
Actually, I'm using the elasticsearch stack managed service on AWS and maps plugin is not available. Only coordinate maps and region maps are available.

Thanks again for your response.

You can use Elasticsearch managed by Elastic at This will provide Maps.

Coordinate map and region map visualizations will not be receiving any future enhancements. All new mapping features are going into Maps.

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