How to update the coordinate map legend with the location count

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I was trying to visualise ssh login into a server. I managed to get the geoip.location work in ES and can get the information on Kibana. However when I use the coordinate map on Kibana the legend is not showing the count metrics on Geo coordinates as expected. Please see here an image of what I am referring to. You can see that the legend is not dynamic? but here you can see that I have 3 counts of the data. How do I customise the legend so that it is updated dynamically based on the count metric? I played around with the options tab on the visualisation without much success. If someone can direct me to what I should be doing here, that would be awesome.!

I am using docker official image kibana:7.2.0.

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Rather than deleting your question, it would be better if you could share your solution, as it may help others in the future with a similar problem :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Apologies. I hadn't thought of that. Its fixed somehow when I tried with a different log, namely conn.log from Zeek (Bro) which had frequent connections hence documents with geoip.locations on ES. Then I noticed that the legend was updating as expected. Not sure why it has changed. I am still testing with few other logs and I will hopefully have a better idea what is going on.

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