Coordinate Map (Geoip) - Show specific values within the map


i created a coordinate map which is feeded by geoip-src.location and the metric is count. it works so far, all nice. i see the locations of source ips on the map and counter.

what i want to archive is to display the values of geoip-src.ip.keyword within the display. currently i see count, longitude and latitude of the results:


Is it possible to see the values that were counted (the ip adresses) within that view?

May someone give me a hint to realize please!? Thanks in advance!


@MaikLinnemann if you add the Coordinate Map to a Dashboard with the Data Table visualization, if you click on one of the geo points, it'll add a filter automatically and the Data Table will show you the information you're looking for.

Hi Brandon, i hope that i got you right, but what i see in table is:

I would like to see the values of geoip-src.ip.keyword

@MaikLinnemann apologies, I misremembered how the coordinate map adds filters, if you click the "rectangle" tool highlighted below you can draw a rectangle around your geo point to add a filter for the underlying data:


It's not as elegant as the solution I was initially proposing, but hopefully it's sufficient.

Thanks Brandon, but i dont have the rectangle....


@MaikLinnemann which version of Kibana are you running? Your rectangle appears to be here:

blind me! Sorry! Yes its there and i can draw a rectangle around the geo points but i dont see the value of source ip. its kibana 5.6.7

@MaikLinnemann you can either add that specific column to the "Data Table", or if you'd like to see the raw results you can add a "saved search" to the Dashboard.

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