Showing IPs in Tile Map


Hi All,

I'm parsing IDS logs with logstash and now i would like to use Kibana's tile map to create visual view of IPs accessed.

I'm mapping geoip.coordinates as geo_map type and im getting proper coordinates placed on the Tile map, when browsing to nodes (screenshot), i get only the coordinates shown - how can i:

a) get the IP shown here and
b) map the city or country name here?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Don't know if those answers will suit your needs but :

a) you can just draw a rectangle at this spot (with the black square button on the left of the ap widget) and have a graph in the same dashboard which shows all the ip addresses. That's what we are doing in our dashboard

b) might not be very practical for you, but you can just zoom in to see the city/country name


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You cannot currently do this.

Feel free to raise feature requests though.

(Spencer Alger) #4

@Houss describes the only way to do this in Kibana currently.

The reasoning for this is that Kibana doesn't deal with individual documents, it deals with aggregated data. This is why you can take any view in Kibana and change the time from 15 minutes ago, to the entire year, to the entire century, and all of the visualizations should scale

(Cjs6891) #5

@Houss, thx for the idea. I've been trying to figure this out as well.

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