How to create Tile maps visualization in kibana using tile map service?

Hello.I am using Kibana version 7.12.0. I want to create Tile map visualization using tile map service for my logs.It ask's three things i.e "Url","Attribution text","Attribution link".What things we have to specify here and from where?

It looks like you ended up in the wrong menu - the tile maps are the underlying shapes of countries, streets and so on. If you want to overlay your logs data on top of this base map, it depends on what fields you have in your data.

If you have geo coordinates (lat/lon), "Documents" or "Heatmap" is probably the right one for you:
Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 16.32.19

If you have iso country codes like DE, US, etc. (or something similar), then "Choropleth" should likely be your first choice:
Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 16.33.35

Also see the respective tutorials:

Thank you.@flash1293.I will try this that you have told .

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