How to create time series bar with site names in y-axis

I would like to create time series bar with site names in y-axis.
For each site there will be a horizontal line representing the validity of the site with colors (green, yellow, red) according to the relevant time.
How can I draw such bar with kibana?

Hello @Dvir_Alony and welcome to the community..
Could you share a picture of what you would like to achieve?

Hi Felix,
Here is what I need in the following png.


I think the heat map visualization is the closest one. Use terms aggregation on your site name field for y axes, @timestamp for date histogram for x axes and the validy as value.
Let me know if this helps.

I created heatmap according to your suggestion. I have further questuons:

  1. For x-axis, the field " Acceptable date formats" is in conflict with the "Show dates" in the main date filter. I would like to select date range using "Show dates".
    2,. For Color schema, how can I define my own palette (green, red, yellow) in Options -> Heatmap settings.

1.) You probably use Date range at the moment. But you need to choose date histogram

2.) Its not possible to add a custom palette. But you can change colors in the legend based on your needs..

Ok. That works. 10x.

  1. Can I control the tooltip and decide what data it will include and to add my own data?
  2. Can I filter the "sites" in y-axis by displaying the list of sites and choose sub-list to display (in a convenient way rather using the default "search" filter?
    3.If [2] is possible, there is a way to add "Update" button to update the Heatmap according to the site sub-list selection?

1.) Tooltips can not be changed in heatmap visualizations..

2.) This works by creating a control visualization and adding both to a single Dashboard. Should be also to Filter by clicking on the values in the heatmap.
Any update in the dashboard also leads to a new filter for the heatmap.

  1. Ok. Thanks

  2. I created a control visualization and it works but I got 2 messages

    2.a " This visualization is experimental and is not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. For feedback, please create an issue in [GitHub]. Can I use the experimental visualization ?

    2.b "Tems list might be incompatible because the request is taking too long. Adjust the autocomplete settings in kibana.yml for complete results" (See png bellow ). I couldn't find this setting in the yml file.

In this case its no problem to use this experimental visualization. Experimental means: Of you ever have an issue because of that feature with our support they may take longer to help you.

Here is how to change this configuration

How many different entities has your site name field?

I have about 2000 entiries. I will configure kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter to 5000. I works good. Thanks

I have another question. I need to set site color horizontal bar from the last sample to the next one. For example, Site_A color is red at time X and green at time x+2 hours. I need that the Heatmap will drow red color from x to x+2h and green color from x+2h. Currently, the Heatmap drow red color only on time x an no color/white color form x to x+2h.

Can you please answer my question - how to spread the color from current sample to the next one where x-axis is the timestamp.

This is not possible within the visualization configuration.
You can
1.) Adapt your data source to have data available that can be visualized
2.) Build a vega visualization that is able to remember the value and draw it

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