How to define two word in spacing

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Hi team,

below is my code:

"query": {  
      "constant_score" : {
           "filter" : {
            "bool": {
                "must": [
                 "terms": {"stkno" : ["Net Asset","asset combine"]}}, 
     { "range": { "CDate": {  "gte": "2015-01-01" ,  "lte": "2017-06-03T23:59:59"  } } } ]

Please kindly advice if my word is : Net Asset and Asset combine, use in Must condition,
if "Asset combine" not in the elasticsearch and "New Asset" in the elasticsearch, using Must condition so all indices can't search?

how to do i want find the word if ones of them inside elasticsearch?
Cause it can't find "Net Asset" exactly word when i use should condition.


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