How to develop a plugin (ingest node) to convert a field from Lambert II to WGS84 (geographic coordination system) and test it?

(Chrigui Mohamed) #1

I have an Index contains (Latitude, longitude ) of a position in Lambert II and I need to convert these coordinates to (Lat, long) in WGS84. I have the java code how to change from Lambert II to WGS84 and I need the steps to develop a plugin and use it for my index ?

(David Pilato) #2

That's a too wide question and I'm afraid we can't really help.

But some resources:

Also, may be you should not write a plugin for that but do the conversion on the client side instead?

(Chrigui Mohamed) #3

I developed the plugin using the same hierarchy of the "ingest-attachement" plugin but I don't know how to test if my plugin is working correctly or no, I have a csv file contains (lat, longitude) in lambert II but I can't see the changement in my index... how to verify that my plugin is working correctly ? and how to use it in kibana dev tools ?

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