How to disable UI metric report API in Kibana?

loaded Metric -> (DashboardPanelVersionInUrl:7.8.0): reporter.js:260

Object { type: "loaded", appName: "DashboardPanelVersionInUrl", eventName: "7.8.0", count: 1 }
appName: "DashboardPanelVersionInUrl"
count: 1
eventName: "7.8.0"
type: "loaded"

Error Sending Metrics Report Error: Unable to store report.

I want to disable the /api/ui_metric/report in Kibana 7.8.0.

Any updates?

Hi @HemaS ,

Can you clarify what steps cause the error you mentioned? You can check reporting settings here, but if you add more information it will help to share more.

Regards, Dima