Reporting plugin installation erroe

While installing kibana REPORTING plugin, I go following error:

Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "unknown export types navbarExtensions, hacks, settingsSections in plugin reporting"

Please help me how to resolve this error.
Thank you.

What version of Kibana are you running? You'll need 4.6.

how to update version

How to Create a snapshot of the existing .kibana index.

Updating can be done by downloading the latest version from If you're upgrading to 4.6.0, elasticsearch will have to be upgraded to 2.4.0 too.

Snapshotting the .kibana index can be done with the elasticsearch snapshot API, If you only need to export your visualizations, searches, and dashboards, this can be done from the kibana UI by clicking on the Saved Objects tab under settings

is Reporting free?

It is not, has more details.