How to display and play multiple audio file urls in a document field

Hi Elastic Team,
The url of the audio file for each call is storing in elastic and defined the format as url type as audio.
We have a scenario like each call can have multiple audio files and the filenames will be in a camas separated in the docuement field.

Could you please suggest how to display multiple audio files in this sceneario and what is the possible way in kibana to play the audi files.


Supporting audio is not one of the features of Kibana, but you may be able to write a custom Kibana plugin that would let you do it. For example, your Kibana plugin could define an HTML field formatter which could display an audio player.

Thanks for your Reply.

in Kibana index pattern for filed we have an option like Type as audio. does it will not work if path is mentioned in template url ?

Okay, I stand corrected. There is an audio formatter and it uses the following template <audio controls preload="none" src="${url}">

Hi Thanks for the Reply.

by giving the Type as audio in index pattern for the field, able to play the audio file in kibana. in audio control, we have the option to download. while downloading giving Failed-Networkerror. Caould you please suggest need to do any additional settings ?

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