How to display the last date on a grouping set

Hello, I am working on a dashboard, and I would like to show the last date on a grouping set.
I take the kibana_sample_data_ecommerce as example. Attachedn an example of row part.

I would like to group by product_id, take the last date of each group and then the last date of the hole grouping set. You will find on the aggregation images 1 and 2 what I did. I could only group by product_id and take the take the last date of each bucket.

Wouldn't this work? If you replace FlightTimeMin with order_date and carrier with product_id it should be pretty much the same thing.

Hello, thank you for your response. I tried this solution, but I got the last value for each product_id. I would like to have the last date for all this grouping set. And I couldn't change the Aggregate with. It proposes only concatenate

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