How to distinguish ”true“ from true(they are all Booleans)

v: 7.10.2
There are some docs in index such as {"tag":"true"} {"tag":true},the tag is boolean type ......
i want to find out docs with tag==”true“,i tried script query use instanceof but it didn't work

Not sure you can. But what is the problem you want to solve by doing this?

Please upgrade. 7.15.1 has been released.

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Thank you for your reply!
I just want to find out how many docs has "true" (not true)in index and then change them to true,the update pipeline is ready,but i can't judge if all ”true“ has been changed to true。
By the way,a coordinating node has off-heap OOM and been killed by kernel:OOM killer, Do you have any suggestions?thanks a lot。

Are you there?

But why do you need this? Is there any problem of having true or "true" in the _source?

As I said, I don't know how you could do this.

For the other question, please open a new discussion as it's unrelated.

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What is important is the mapping of the actual field Do you have it mapped as a boolean or as a text or keyword.

The _source is really irrelevant


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