How to edit kibana filters options text?

i am using elasticsearch 6.6 and kibana 6.6.

How can i edit the options text coming in filters.

I'm assuming you're talking about the label for the filter? If so, you can click on the edit button next to the filter, then change the custom label for the filter.

Hi @lukas , Sorry dear , i am not talkling about the label.
No problem, let me explain my query.
Suppose i have a elasticsearch index named as 'employees' containing some fields as 'id', 'name', 'age', 'salary','joining_date'.
And by using this index, i have created a visualisation in kibana, suppose a vertical bar chart displaying no. of employees on date bases.

now my concern is, i want to apply an 'Add a filter' to get the data accordingly when i try to apply this then it displaying id, name, age, salary, joining_date in fields and then i need to choose operators and then values.

so i want to change the fields i.e id, name, age, salary, joining_date.
like name to employee-name.

How is it possible?

Hi @Amitittech

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the options value for the fields. They are directly read from the indices.

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