Kibana 4 - can I edit filters?

In kibana 3, I often filter for some value, then edit the filter to show exactly what I want. For example, I see there are lots of logs of the form "Saved branch : 1234", where the number is different each time. That happens to be uninteresting for the thing I'm looking for, so I filter it out (with the 'minus magnifying glass' button, then edit the filter to just be "Saved branch:". This then filters out all those messages.

In kibana 4, I can filter out a given field, but I can't see a way to then edit the filter to make it more general. Is this possible, or a planned feature?

Correct, editable filters are not yet possible in Kibana 4. We're tracking this in Github, for the latest status and comments please refer to this issue:

i guess i'm just verifying that editing filters is still not possible in Feb 2017?

The Kibana that goes along with ElasticSearch 5 now allows editing filters just fine :slight_smile: