How to embed png image in email body of watcher?

We are trying to embed a png image from visualization into watcher email body, we are able to send it as attachment, but it should be inline of email body. Any examples may helpful

Hi @Saptha_AD:

Do these settings help? Under Email Settings.

Hi @LizaD,a

HTML sanitization is set to enabled. We are able to send png as attachment. Tried html <img src="viz png link"> in emai body. We are not able to see the desired result. Is there any other way to implement inline png of email body.

Hi @Saptha_AD

One of my colleagues responded to this in your support case, looks like he found this can't be done at this time. You can file an enhancement request in elastic/elasticsearch Github and maybe someone can determine if this is something that can be added later or if it is just a limitation.


Hi @LizaD

We can do inline png image in email body itself. Attachment name description in email body html <img src=" attachment name desc ">. You can see png attachment in email body. I did that.

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