How to enable Kibana Console User authentication method

Hi Team,

I am new to this ELK platform, I have configured the ELK application on windows 2012 R32 server and it is working good,
I just want to configure the Kibana console with login access method,
Where do I enable this setting to get the login console for Kibana,


The Elastic Stack ships with features (formerly packaged as X-Pack) which includes security . Elastic Stack security features give the right access to the right people. IT, operations, and application teams rely on them to manage well-intentioned users and keep malicious actors at bay, while executives and customers can rest easy knowing data stored in the Elastic Stack is safe and secure.

Unlock Platinum features such as machine learning, security, alerting, graph analytics, and more with a free, 30-day trial.

Follow this to get started with security:

you can login with the username and pwd.


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