How to enable script.groovy on es 5.0.0 alpha2 for ubuntu

i added lines to config/elasticsearch.yml

script.inline: true
script.indexed: true

restated and got this

 * Stopping Elasticsearch Server                                                                                               [ OK ] 
 * Starting Elasticsearch Server                                                                                               [fail] 

i checked log file, it is empty, no errors


script.indexed is not a setting in 5.0.0, as per the migration guide it was renamed to script.stored

so what i need to add to config/elasticsearch.yml for start to use groovy?

right now i got error

"reason": "scripts of type [inline], operation [search] and lang [groovy] are disabled"

elasticsearch crashed if i add this line to config/elasticsearch.yml

script.groovy: true

this line also doesnt work true

why tested groovy on elasticsearch 5.0.0 alpha 2?

You just need script.inline: true. See the GitHub issue you filed for further details.