How to exclude documents from averages?

I have an index that contains multiple "duration" documents for lots of different events that can occur on a particular resource, identified with an "id". This id is not unique in the index since multiple event durations are logged for that particular id like this:

{ "id": 1, "event": "FOO", "duration": 2.9},
{ "id": 1, "event": "BAR", "duration": 1.4},
{ "id": 1, "event": "BAZ", "duration": 5.0},

{ "id": 2, "event": "FOO", "duration": 2.4},
{ "id": 2, "event": "BAR", "duration": 3.7},
{ "id": 2, "event": "BAZ", "duration": 4.0},

{ "id": 3, "event": "FOO", "duration": 2.3},
{ "id": 3, "event": "BAR", "duration": 3.5},
{ "id": 3, "event": "BAZ", "duration": 5.6},

I would like to average the various event durations aggregated by event, which I can do. However, I'd also like to be able to set a threshold limit on an event set if the "duration" for "FOO" events is less than some threshold value X. And then I want to include only the associated documents (by id) for which the "FOO" event's duration is < X.

An example:
With the above documents, I would like to average the various durations only on event sets when the FOO event's duration < 2.5. In this example, that should result in only duration averages for documents with id 2 and 3 since their FOO event duration is less than 2.5. All documents for id 1 should be filtered out of the aggregations.

Any idea how I can set a range on FOO and include only the related documents for that id for which FOO meets the range criteria?

Thank you!

In the query bar for the visualization, you should be able to do something like "event:FOO AND duration:<2.5".

Alternatively, you could click on "Add a filter" and create two filters, one where "event IS FOO" and another where "duration IS LESS THAN 2.5".

Thank you for your help!

This works to only include FOO documents, but I also want to include the other documents related by id. in other words, I also want the BAR and BAZ documents associated by id with the document containing FOO with a duration less than 2.5.

Does that make sense?

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