How to expand elasticsearch memory disk size

Hi elasticsearch team,
I have this case where my VM size is 110gb. Then my freshly installed elasticsearch have 58gb maximum disk available. How do I Optimize my elasticsearch disk available?
This cluster is a single node, and I want to increase the size without adding new node into it.
and suggestion will be appreciated. thank you team.

Are you asking how to add more disk to a VM, or something else?

hi warkolm, no I mean, how do we add more memory to our elasticsearch other that adding node?

More heap?

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Thank you for your answer,
I would like to hear more about that please, Warkolm.

You can read: Advanced configuration settings | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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Much thanks @dadoonet ,
I have more question, does it means elastic disk storage using heap?
according to

The heap size should be based on the available RAM:

Can you explain more?

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