How to figure out memory usage by Kibana?

My assignment right now is to keep track of CPU and Heap usage by Kibana. How do I accomplish this? Can I force Kibana to run on JMX ports and later monitor those ports? Or can I build a dashboard on Kibana that shows me info about CPU and Heap consumption by Kibana.

I'd really appreciate ideas how to accomplish this.


Kibana doesn't use much memory and CPU. It's basically just an API frontend to Elasticsearch. Monitoring its resource usage is hardly useful.

Since it's written in JavaScript you won't be able to use JMX.


Here's how you can monitor Kibana:


Monitoring * Alerting * Anomaly Detection * Centralized Log Management
Elasticsearch Consulting & Support *

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Looks like it's a product we'll need to purchase. Am I correct?

It depends! SPM has a free plan, too: AND it's metered by the hour, so if you don't monitor something 24/7 for some reason (dev, staging, etc.) this reduces cost of paid plans.