How to filter via score in elastic app search

Hi i am using elastic app search ,
i know result is sorted via score but its also give data where score is less <1 , which is not valid case for our application , i already setup relevance tuning etc but still its give data where score <1 .
is there any way where i can setup any setting or send filter , so its only result where score >=1 .

1 way is once i received data i filter out based on score but its break facet and paging .

any suggestion for this ?

Thanks in advance


It's not possible to filter by score because the score is a more relative concept so having a score >= 1 filter would not always work great. We have some ideas to allow the user to adjust the precision and I think that could solve the issue you are experiencing. I can't say when we will have that ready but hopefully this year.

Until then you could consider doing this filtering yourself client-side. You can also check out the 7.11.0 release which will go out shortly as we have worked on some smaller adjustments that might help.

Thanks for quick reply , client side will break my paging and facet count ,
i will check 7.11.0 if anything there to help me out on that .

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