Why is it not possible to set min_score within app search?

As the title, i would like to know how it is not possible to filter on the search score? I think this should be a really easy and useful feature, its even standard on the base elastic engine. I do not understand this, im currently testing app search to find a solution to dump out trex engine and i like elasticsearch and up until now i was kinda impressed by app search, but implementing the search api now for a demo application, basically finding EVERY document in my index with a score of 0.1 is a dealbreaker. Yes, i could filter the result on my end easily, but the paging stuff would break badly.

Hey @mrregex, this comes up a lot. App Search has high recall on searches and you can end up with a really long tail, as you've found. Addressing this is certainly in our roadmap.

I just don't understand the reason behind that initial solution, as it MAY would be as easy as adding ?min_score to the elastic api call...