Why can't the minimum score be changed from the app search?

I'd like to know why I can't filter by search score, as the headline indicates. This ought to be a pretty simple and practical function, as the fundamental elastic engine already has it. I fail to comprehend this. I'm testing app search right now to see if there's a way to get rid of the Trex engine. I enjoy elasticsearch, and I was initially quite pleased by app search. However, discovering EVERY page in my index with a score of 0.1 after implementing the search API for a demo application is unacceptable. I could certainly filter the results myself, but that would mess up the pagination.

Hi @jameswbush

I'm sorry for your frustration. App Search has attempted to greatly simplify the user experience of Elasticsearch, but that does mean that some of the lower level features are also abstracted away. As you've discovered, App Search puts much less attention on the absolute score of documents, but instead focuses on their relative scores to one another. The effort is on presenting the most relevant documents first, not on hiding documents below a certain relevance.

However, we acknowledge that some users may want more control/power in some instances. In our more recent versions of App Search, we allow you to execute direct Elasticsearch queries through App Search, in an effort to allow our users get the best of both worlds. Have you looked into this feature? Does this help? Elasticsearch search for App Search Guide | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.4] | Elastic

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