How to find correlated messages and time between them

Hi, total newb here.. be nice!

So, I have previously used Application Insights in Azure to do this and it was very simple. I am however finding it rather frustrating to get the same result using Timelion, which I assume is the correct tool for the job?

I have a message which get's logged, say, Message-A. Message-A has a CorrelationId of 111. Some time later Message-B comes along and shares the same CorrelationId of 111 with Message-A. I want to measure and graph the amount of time between Message-A and Message-B.

I'd like to do this for all correlated messages and preferably chart it as a scatter chart, for example.

I think understanding how to do this will really help me get a grasp of things, any help greatly appreciated.


See the discussion here: Using painless to calculate durations

Thanks, I'll look into that.

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