Possible to determine time diff between 2 entries which are groupable


I would like to know if its possible in Kibana to be able to determine a duration time between 2 entries with the same correlationId. For example i have 2 entries in my index with both the same correlationId so they are groupable. Both have a datetime field. I would like to see in a map for example the difference between them.


item corrId dateTime
1 abcd 19-08-2021T00:01:00
2 abcd 19-08-2021T00:02:30

I would like to see in a map

corrId timetaken
abcd 00:01:30


Hey @hugohendriks ,

Take a look at this answer Calculating duration between two documents in Elasticsearch


I looked at the youtube presentation and I see the resemblance but I can't figure out the solution how i can achieve this in Kibana though

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