How to find the Elasticsearch URL from Kibana?

I have a Kibana login with admin privilege. I don't know the URL for my Elasticsearch. How can I find it from within Kibana? Is there a query that I can run in the console to find the Elasticsearch URL?

The Elasticsearch URL is like this : http://<hostname|IP>:9200

You need to find the IP or Hostname of your Elasticsearch node.
From Kibana you can find informations about cluster's nodes by performing the following query in the Kibana Dev tool :

GET _nodes


Usually , it is your server login as
serverIP: 9200

But it depends upon your configuration.
If you have access to server, you can also check in Elasticsearch.yml file.

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If you have admin rights, see if you have the option "Stack monitoring" in the menu ( usually just above "stack management"). If you do then you kan click on the clustername ( if you are on a clusterpage) and then drill down to the Elasticsearch nodes. Any node usually will do though in a larger cluster dedicated coördinattion nodes might have been set up.

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