How to get back where I left off in course?

I "bought" the X-Pack Machine Learning course and watched the first few lectures. I left to build out a cluster to run the labs on and now I cannot figure out how to return to the course. I cannot find any links to it except ones to purchase it again, and they fail because I already enrolled. Help!


You have 90 days from the time you start the course to complete it. After that time the videos are no longer available.

Great. I registered for it a couple of weeks ago. Definitely less than 90 days. So how do I get back to the course?

Hi Badger,

When you login to the training portal, you should have a Dashboard option at the top. When selecting Dashboard, you should have a "My Learning" section that shows the courses in which you are enrolled, as well as a "Resume E-Learning" button:

Please let us know if that helps, or if you're seeing something different. Sincerely,

That works. Thanks!

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