How to get count in percentage in data table of kibana


i have data of this format.
"make": "LG",
"prevTunedTime":"2018-05-28 16:24:05",
"prevEventName":"Siya ke ram",
"curTunedTime":"2018-05-28 17:24:05",
"curEventName":"Race To Witch Mountain"

the usecase for above data is
percentage of unique users viewed a particular event for specified time.
i have to create report for above usecase in data table of kibana
so my problem is
i am not able to get unique count of users in percentage in data table.
so if anyone knows how to do it please help me out..


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So, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How is a unique user identified? Is it just the serialNo? Is it a combination of fields?

If it's a single field, you can count unique values fairly simply if it's a combination of fields, you'll need to do a scripted query as described here:

Once you have a query that gives you a count of the distinct values, you can display an aggregate. Here's a question and answer about how to display a percentage.

One last note: it may be easier to massage your data so that it's stored in a way that makes the Kibana queries easier to write and reason about.

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