How to get count in percentage in data table of kibana

i have data of this format.
"make": "LG",
"prevTunedTime":"2018-05-28 16:24:05",
"prevEventName":"Siya ke ram",
"curTunedTime":"2018-05-28 17:24:05",
"curEventName":"Race To Witch Mountain"

the usecase for above data is
percentage of unique users viewed a particular event for specified time.
i have to create report for above usecase in data table of kibana
so my problem is
i am not able to get unique count of users in percentage in data table.
so if anyone knows how to do it please help me out..


So, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How is a unique user identified? Is it just the serialNo? Is it a combination of fields?

If it's a single field, you can count unique values fairly simply if it's a combination of fields, you'll need to do a scripted query as described here:

Once you have a query that gives you a count of the distinct values, you can display an aggregate. Here's a question and answer about how to display a percentage.

One last note: it may be easier to massage your data so that it's stored in a way that makes the Kibana queries easier to write and reason about.

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