How to get enrollment token when re-install Elasticsearch to Windows

When installing Elasticsarch8.6 on Windows,
after runnning
I forgot to write down the enrollment token.

To get the enrollment token,delete the elasticsearch directory
and unzip the elasticsearch and try again run elasticsearch.bat
but the enrollment token was not displayed.

I'm assuming that the some install data is still remain in other directories.

Can someone tell me, where to delete the folder or files to get the enrollment token.

If you unzipped Elasticsearch to C:\path\to\Elasticsearch\ you would need to delete C:\path\to\Elasticsearch\data, which should show up once you start Elasticsearch and is where the indices it creates are stored.

Thank you for your reply.

I tried , but I could not find token.
It seems that Elastic does not recognize as first running time.

Farthermore, when work corecctly, some setting are add to elasticserch.yml , but I could not find that.

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