How to get json array object size in kibana

I have given one json log file as input in logstash and getting corresponding mapping in kibana but I want to count element available in json array object. need help to get that.

That's something you should better compute at index time.
It can be done probably in logstash or in ingest with a script processor.

any idea how we can index better in logstash. I am new to ELK so help requested here

could you please help me to get better index in logstash

First of all I'd not use logstash just to read a file but filebeat. Then I'd do all the transformation in an ingest pipeline (search in the reference guide for this feature) and I'd use a painless script processor to compute this.

If you really want to use logstash, I'd use
If you have more question about logstash you can ask in #logstash room for help.

Thanks David.

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