How to get kibana search bar to let me search instead of forcing cached searches and submitted those?

Our kibana service(v4.4) is hosted on Linux.

The experience with kibana that I am having right now is that it keeps pre-populating and committing cached searches when I am trying to use the search bar. Is there a way for it to only populate and submit what I am trying to type into the search bar? I can't even type in the searches before it rewrites and submits

This is happening when too frequently and I can no longer demo, use, or recommend this service until I can figure out how to get this frustrating behavior to stop.

I am interfacing with google chrome on Windows 7 machine.

Any advice would be helpful.

This was fixed in version 4.5.4 of Kibana

I'd recommend at least updating to the latest 4.x version if you can

Thanks Matt! This will definitely help us in feeling out which version to jump to as we consider our upgrade strategy.

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