Kibana crashes during search

(Sameer Panicker) #1

Steps to repeat this issue -

  1. Open Kibana and search for a text.
  2. Once the search is completed, click inside the search bar on the previously text.

Kibana reloads.

Is there any fix for this issue because it is really frustrating ...

(Matt Bargar) #2

Sorry @Sameer_Panicker, this is a known bug in Kibana at the moment:

(Sameer Panicker) #3

Is there any work around for this issue, because we have a presentation planned and I don't want this bug to be seen there :frowning2:

Also, this is strange because I am using Kibana for a long time and I haven't face this issue because. Saw this from last couple of weeks only.

(Matt Bargar) #4

It's not an issue in Firefox, so perhaps it only became an issue with a Chrome update in the last few months. So I guess one workaround would be to use Firefox. The page also doesn't reload when you use the keyboard instead of the mouse (select the desired history entry with the arrow keys, then hit enter), so that would be another option.

(Sameer Panicker) #5

Thanks. This worked fine on IE as well.

(system) #6