How to get max of 10minute Moving Average


I have a data table in which I want to show the max of 10min and 1hr moving average of the CPU in a day. But in order to calculate 10m moving average, I have to set the minimum time interval of my data histogram bucket as 1 minute which gives me moving averages per minute instead of a single max value. If I select interval as daily, I will not get any results in 10min moving average.

I want single value for 10m MA CPU for a component. (The max instead of all)

Can use the response of the query with 1 min interval and then get a max value? How can I visualize this in Kibana?

Or will I have to write a custom aggregation in a plugin?


Do you need it to be the 10 minute moving average, instead of the 10 minute average? Since this is an order of magnitude smaller in terms of the granularity, I believe you could do a 10 minute average over the entire day as well as a 60-minute moving average of 10 minute periods.

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