How to get notify if value of any key in json gets change to some different unexpected value?

  • We have a predefined json with fixed key and values, which gets display on kibana
  • One of the key : value in our json is for example, version : 17.00
  • Suppose by mistake the value gets suddenly change to version : 18.00
  • Value 18.00 of version is not expected
  • How to get notify if this expected value 17.00 gets change to 18.00 ?
  • How to keep track of these predefined different values of different keys ?

can I ask what version of Kibana you are on and if you have x-pack for watcher. I guess you can define a watch to meet your particular needs if you have x-pack installed.


Hi Rashmi,

Thanks for reply.....
We are using kibana version 6.2 and have a basic x-pack free version with watcher
let me know if anymore info need ....please guide for the respective query

Kapil Bahal

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