How to get paid version of kibana (not cloud)

hi team,

We are using the free version of kibana(not cloud) in our project, but now as per our project requirements ( automating the reports generation of dashboard and sending them over email ),

we came to know that this option is limited to the paid version of kibana, so we decided to get the paid version of kibana.

we are also using the opendistro in our project.

we are stuck at some point :

  1. how can we convert our existing free version of kibana into the paid version of kibana ?
  2. how do we know which subscription plan suits best for our requirement ?

any cost effective ideas are appreciable,


OpenSearch/OpenDistro are AWS run products and differ from the original Elasticsearch and Kibana products that Elastic builds and maintains. You may need to contact them directly for further assistance.

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When using the Elasticsearch version, you would just need to add your license key for the features to become active. I am not sure how this is done on OpenDistro, you would need to contact AWS. You can see all the Elastic features per subscription plan at this link below to see what best fits your requirements: Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic

hey ken

I have seen this subscription plans, but I think this is not for the on premise, isn't it ? and do those plans renew my existing kibana ?

Subscription plans are for on premise as well. Would need to know more about your Kibana / version / setup -- but if all is good, you can just drop in the license key and activate the features. You should also be able to go into Kibana and activate a free trial if you have not done so already. This will activate all the features and you can ensure you are getting what you need. To purchase a license I would need to know what company you are with and get you in touch with the appropriate sales representative.

Hi ken,

my kibana version is 7.8
and it is connected to Elasticsearch 7.8

there is only an extra button missing from my kibana UI "REPORTS" and I need to get that option

you have mentioned about dropping a license key, I am not aware of getting the license, I was searching for the same since a while, I didn't find any. I don't know where to buy a license ...

are you sure, I am going to get that reporting button on my UI after getting a license ? and please suggest me where can I buy that ...


Hi @Rayhan_Shaik

Contact Sales: Have questions? Contact Elastic | Elastic

Yes this page is for Self Managed Annual Subscriptions: Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic

In general Elasticsearch Self Managed is licensed by the Number Nodes (Data/Master/ML etc) ...Not Kibana and typically there is at least a 3 node minimum.

Elastic Cloud would be much simpler, faster ... and perhaps cheaper.

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Hi @stephenb ,

subscription pricing is not mentioned in the subscription page, where can I get the pricing for each subscription.


You will need to contact sales

we publish cloud pricing

Self Managed You will need to contact sales.

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