How to get rid of the "[_all] is deprecated in 6.0+" warning message?

Running 6.4.2.

I get loads of these WARN messages in the deprecation log. As far as I can see the only mention of "_all" in any of my code is

"_all": { "enabled": false }

in a global template.

What do I need to do to get rid of these warnings?

I believe you just need to remove that section from the template. Since _all is deprecated you don't need to specify that it is disabled anymore.

I'm afraid that sounds implausible, as surely it'll only look at that template when it creates a new index, which for me is daily or monthly?

The messages are being produced in batches every few minutes.

GET index/_settings on a sample index contains no mention of "_all", so it doesn't look like something that gets copied from the template to the index.

However I've tried it and we'll see what happens.

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