How to get the excat visualization used in Discover page in my custom plugin

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I want to embed the Visualization used in the Discover page in my custom Kibana Plugin. I develop the plugin in React Framework

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are you referring to the bar-chart on top? if so, that visualization can be created with Kibana-Visualize.

You can look into using the VisualizeLoader to embed the visualization. For details, see This is an internal feature so YMMV.

KIbana Embed Visualization
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I use the VisualizeLoader . and the chart worked fine
I use this link as a reference but it is creating an error when i hover on the top of the chart
I t is showing that
Uncaught TypeError: self.formatter is not a function (http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:383977)

I used this link as a reference

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And in my graph there are too many buckets in the specified interval . I wish to reduce the number of intervals as similar to that of discover. How can i achieve that . what is the logic used in the discover page of kibana for filtering the number of buckets

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