How to get the free version license.json?


Currently I am using trial license, how can I get the free version license.json so that I can update it?

(Bohyun Kim) #2

Hi @nanshan

Please visit our free basic license page: to register and you will receive the link to download via e-mail.





I just downloaded the basic license, and it says: "This license expires on January 13, 2018."

What should I do when it expires in a year ?

(Bohyun Kim) #5

Nothing to worry there - you will Just have to register again to get a new basic license :wink:

(Mike ) #6

Hi @bohyun-
I do received a basic license, would you please let me know the steps to install it on a Windows machine ?
CURL doesn't seems to work here. Thanks !


(David Pilato) #7

I just answered at

Please don't post the same question in multiple threads.

(Mike ) #8

Hi @dadoonet:

Sorry for the multiple posts, I fixed the issue. Thanks !

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