Is it possible to get basic license for Elasticsearch 1.x?

Basically, the main question is in the title. I registered here and got the email with the link to download the license. Only there is no 1.x version. In the Email next to the 1.x version it says "Elasticsearch 1.x -- Use license code '1010' to register". Where do I use that license code? In one forum I saw someone use it like this:
But it just says "The license has not been found. Please make sure you're using the correct URL."
So is it still possible to get a basic license for Elasticsearch v1.x?

Basic license did not exist for 1.7. Which features are you looking for?

The license would be for Watcher 1.0. To use Watcher, I installed a trial license, that expires in 1 month.

Watcher is not part of the basic license so would require commercial license irrespective of version.

So something like the Gold licenese?

Yes. Be advised that Elasticsearch 1.7 has been end-of-life for quite some time so Is probably no longer supported.

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