How to get the recent snapshot of my dashboard as a picture/pdf to send to Slack?

I would like to receive the recent picture of my graphs (not manually; automated) and post the image URL to my slack for my team to view. Is that possible to do using Elasticsearch Watcher?

I am also working with Slack APIs (attachments, text, etc).

If you're running windows 10 you can do a [windowskey] [shift] [S] and then crop a region of your work space to the clipboard. and then paste it into Slack.. I do it several times a week.

Not a perfect solution but if you just want to show someone a picture then it works ok


Thanks for your suggestion, but I'm talking about an automated solution. Elastic Watcher detects anomalies and failures automatically, so if there is a way to get snapshot and include it in the Slack attachment section, then that's great and everything will be done automatically with no manual conifguration, that's what I'm looking for.

Ahh, Sorry bud..
I'm not there yet.


Still looking for a reply.

Are you looking for something like this ?

Thanks David, I'll test it and get back to you.

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