How to get the total of memory and cpu usage of my cluster

Hi team, I am working on Kibana Dashboard trying to get a particular metric. for example, I have 3 kubernetes nodes and I am trying to create a dashboard with the Total of memory and CPU consumption, I am trying with lens, TVSB, and the classic Aggregation Based, I am not able to get the proper value of the Total Consumption, for example

I have the 3 nodes there, with the memory capacity, But I can't find the way to sum the 3 nodes to get the total capacity, is it possible to do?


Hi @Sergio_Ferreyra Welcome to the Community.

Yes this is not super easy today.

You need to do a Series Agg : Sum across the Nodes

Today this is not supported in Lens, that is coming soon.



Average of Metrics (example load.1m)

Series Agg : Sum

Group By : Terms : Node Name

This is saying Add the Average of the 1M Load across my nodes in for each Bucket.

Here an example :

Give it a Try...

Hi @stephenb Thanks ! good news if Lens will support this feature in the future, I will try now, the problem with the average is I am not sure why is doing this operation example (3.9+3.9+7.8)/3 =5.2, so it's showing the average value between the 3 nodes and not the total of the capacity of the cluster. I will try again anyway

Make sure that the Series Agg is Sum not Average.

That means Sum the 3 Individual Averages

And you have to do that Group By Terms then set to node Name

Good, I did the same and looks good, just a question , I am trying to get the CPU capacity, for example I have 4 kubernetes nodes in Digital Ocean with 2vcpu, so the total that DO shows me is 8.
I am using kubernetes.node.cpu.capacity.core field to get the values, example

Here the example
Do you know if I am using the proper field to get the values?


I do not I am not an expert on K8s metrics but I am sure you can look it up... is that metricbeat if so you can look at what fields are exported and the definitions.

@stephenb yes, I read that documentation, thanks a lot!

you can take the Group By and Series Agg out and see the individuals nodes / values.... maybe something else is reporting

Sure, good Idea

linking up what I think is a related enhancement that would bring this to lens formula - [Lens] Formula: Define level of metric · Issue #94789 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

you can get at this number in formula but you need to be willing to visualize something like your node name. the series agg is the way to do it today!

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@stephenb It's working well and better than the DO panel :smiley:.

thanks a lot!

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