How to hide inspect option from the visualization

-I have created a dashboard in default space.
-Created a role with read only permission and given access the role to a user.
-When i login from user , i see the dashboard in read only mode but if we can hide the "OPTIONS" button "INSPECT" button from the visualization ?

Image attached:

It's not possible to hide the inspect button. Can you elaborate on why you want to hide it?

If a user login into kibana. We have given role permission to only read the dashboard but we still see the inspect button in the visualization.

Can you please tell me if a user has dashboard read only access, then the user will not able to request anything from the inspect button right?
Also i want to know what is the use of inspect button?

"Inspect" just shows the underlying data and requests - it doesn't allow to edit the visualization:

Thanks for the answer, here is another problem we are facing:
We are using the embedded code to view the dashboard into another platform and there we have to hide the inspect option from the visualization.

Can you tell me how we can achieve?

As I mentioned above, it's not possible to hide the inspect button. Why do you need to hide it if the dashboard is embedded in another visualization?

We have developed Kibana visualization and prepared dashboard using those visualization. Next we have used share option of dashboard ("Share > Embedded Code") to generate embedded code.
This iframe based code is used in our product. The end user are suppose to see the dashboard from Kibana with-in iFrame. When this visualization gets rendered in iframe in our product, the end user (who are not aware of from where these dashboards are coming) are able to see the three dot icons.

The end user see those 3 dot icon and feels there are some addition options for them which is confusing so we want to remove the 3 dot icon from embedded dashboard.

your response will be appreciated.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for explaining for use case. As mentioned, this is not easily possible at the moment, but as it's a very useful feature, feel free to create a feature request in the Kibana Github repository:

You mentioned you developed a Kibana visualization - does this mean you wrote your own Kibana visualization plugin? If that's the case you could use a similar custom plugin to apply some CSS to the page to hide the three dots if the page is rendered in an iframe. This is not a supported solution, but I worry it's the best solution to get it running right now.

Also, I haven't done so already, maybe give Kibana Canvas a look - it gives you more control over the visual aspects, but it depends on your specific case whether it's a viable replacement.

we have not developed any custom plugin

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