How to implement export functionality inside custom plugin

how can I export data which I rendered in a dataGrid inside of a custom plugin using data plugin

  • How did I render the data inside a plugin?
    follow -> Git app.tsx

I want to export this data using the kibana plugin
Dashboard plugin has an example for exporting data

I need to add simple button Export inside custom plugin for exporting data


This should be possible. These are our plugin docs - External plugin development | Kibana Guide [8.3] | Elastic

Here are some examples - List of Kibana plugins | Kibana Guide [8.3] | Elastic you should be able to check out some code.

cc @devon.thomson


thanks, @bhavyarm for responding
there's a plugin called Reporting Integration to Demonstrate how to put an Export button on a page and generate reports.

but the example is not enough to get it done No such button for exporting CSV even if I am generate PDF it throws Forbidden Error

Hi @Azhar_Uddin1! The Export CSV action you're seeing is actually built-in to the table. In this case it's a Discover saved search panel, but it also works great when using Lens tables.

What I would do is look into the Embedding examples, and embed one of those tables into your custom plugin, using the <EmbeddableRenderer /> react component. Let me know if you have any questions!

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