Add button(s) to export tabular data to external source

In Kibana I have a table representation of my data. I want to be able to filter this data and by pressing a button be able to export the resulting dataset to an external source. I will likely have multiple external sources so the external source needs to be configurable.

I imagine this best be solved through a plugin, but haven't been able to find either a currently available solution, or any tips on how to develop a plugin for this.

I have experience in JS, angular etc., but am no expert. But since I am fairly new to the elastic stack, I am still clueless on how to build this plugin.

Many thanks,

Have you tried using the export buttons available at the bottom of table visualization? These generate a CSV that could then be sent to any external source.

The idea is that this would not just generate a json that I can use as input, I was planning that the button would actually send the json string to a REST api, or something similar, in my external source.

Is there not any way this is possible?
Would it be possible to create a plugin that is an "extended table" where I have buttons defined that can take the information listed in the table, and forward it to my external program?
As I said, I am new to the whole stack and I find it difficult to find the entry point for any specific task so far.

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