How to increase queue capacity from 200 to 400?

How to increase queue capacity from 200 to 400?

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? Which queue do you want to increase? Why do you want to do this?

version 7.5.
I got following error:

What is the full output of the cluster stats API?

Have you read this blog post?

This is very old and has been EOL a long time. I would recommend that you upgrade.

Yes I read that post.
About the cluster stats , do you mean the queue_capacity parameter under "enrich".?

No, I would like to see the whole thing.

How many indices and shards are you actively indexing into?

About 900 indices and 1800 shards

Why are you actively indexing into so many indices and shards? It sounds like this may be the problem.

If we assume a bulk size of 1000 documents, which is quite common, it is possible that this will end up sending a very small number of documents to a vary large number of shards, which is inefficient.

I would recommend trying to improve your sharding strategy or segment the data so bulk requests target fewer shards. I do not think increasing the queue capacity will help you much as it does not increase indexing throughput.

What I sent is the total number of indices and shards.

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And not the actively indexing statistics.

How many are you actively indexing into?

Look at your indexing pipeline(s)and judge how many index name combinations that may be active at any point in time.

Where can I find this info?

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