How to increase visualization size in version 6.1.2


Compared to v5.5 and v6.2.1 pie chart display size is small and it is small after adding to Dashboard. As per my usecase i need to have the visualizations to be bigger in size (to fit 4 visualizations in one screen and pie charts to be bigger).

I tried by updating visualize.less file by modifying some attributes (as a first step but iam not whether it is right approach or not). Need to know whether we can do this by changing *.less files?


the padding of dashboards have been changed. Please feel free to follow for #15594 for more discussions.

Regarding editing the less files. You most likely will need to restart your Kibana instance, but besides that, you can of course edit those files if you want to hack the current styling :slight_smile:


Thank you

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