How can i decrease the size of Pie chart

Recently i have upgraded my Kibana version to kibana:7.16.2 and in this version have observed that Pie chart default visualization size has increased.

Due to this in our case, visualization values are not showing completely on dashboard.

How do i decrease/resize the default pie chart visualization size in Kibana?

@mohanss08 can you share a screenshot in order to understand better your case?
In 7.15 we introduced a new implementation of the aggregation-based pie visualization and has some differences in styling.

You can switch back to the old one by switching on this setting on your advanced settings

but it would help us if you could share your visualization with us and check if we can improve the new implementation :slight_smile:

Hello Stratoula, Thanks for the quick support.

Under Visualize Library > Pie Chart size circle size is showing too larger compared to my previous version - 7.12.2.

PieChart Screenshot for version - 7.16.2:-

Due to this larger size i'm not able to view slice values and my dashboard visualization values properly.

Now i have switched on the "Pie Legacy Charts Library" option under Advanced settings. Now Under Visualize Library and on Dashboard size and values are showing properly. (Screenshot for reference)


Hello Stratoula,

I have added screenshots for your reference. Might be helpful to optimize/resize the visualization as part of new implementations. :slight_smile:

@mohanss08 thanx! In the new implementation you can show your values inside the pie chart.

Go to the options tab, Label settings and switch off the Show top level only

The values will be displayed inside the chart and they will be displayed properly.

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